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MAGNET PAINTS brings more than 90 years of experience to the industrial and fleet refinishing markets. We are a company with a history of creative, innovative research that develops products for our marketplace in a manner that benefits our customers, the industries we supply and our environment.

We believe that maintaining your fleet or equipment's appearance should be as simple as possible. By offering an uncomplicated and flexible range of paint products at discount prices, our customers can quickly select the items they need and move on, confident that they have obtained great protection at a great price.

No matter what kind of painting you do, commercial vehicles, custom bodies, trailers, light industrial, agricultural or off-road equipment, MAGNET has a product to suit your needs.

Simplicity in selection and convenience in application stand as hallmarks for MAGNET PAINTS. Our topcoats can be applied over competitors' primers, while our rust-inhibiting primers can accept other manufacturer's topcoats. Sure we'd like all of your business, but we need to earn it first. So please, try any of our products. If you're not 100% satisfied with our performance and value, we will refund your purchase price. No questions asked. Well, we may ask why, but with over 23,000 satisfied customers nationwide, we don’t really expect that to happen.


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